Brittany is an actress and model who has been dancing since she was 4 years old.  She is passionate about fashion and style and is always looking to try out the latest trends.  She also loves experimenting with hair and makeup and believes that there is a big connection between how you look on the outside and how it can make you feel on the inside.  

Brittany has also been an elementary teacher for the last 3 years and is passionate about helping people (big and small) to express themselves and show their true colors on the outside.  As she strives to positively influence her students every day in the classroom, she also hopes to be able to reach a larger audience, spreading her message that Style is Powerful as a Tokii Trendsetter.

Questions with Brittany

Why did you choose to become a Tokii Trendsetter?

I want to help others find their inner beauty and not be afraid to show and be who they are on the outside. I believe that it's important to always show kindness to those around you.

Can you tell us one way you are working towards self-improvement in your own life?  
By getting out of my comfort zone more often by trying new things. Going after what you want is important and brings happiness.

If you could have any living person over for dinner, who would it be?

I would have Malala over for dinner because she is a modern day heroine who is empowering women to "raise their voices, to unlock potential, and to demand change" (

What is your favorite product on Wearable Therapy?

Live, Love Laugh- Throw Pillow Cover. Those three words are words to live by. I always see the positive in things and I believe loving and laughing are the most important things in life to be happy.