Cierra Garrow is a passionate mental health and youth advocate who talks candidly about her experiences as a mentally ill young woman in North Western Ontario.  Currently attending Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario, Cierra is pursuing her dream of becoming a Child Psychiatrist specializing in Indigenous needs and practices. Once Cierra finishes her current degree; an Honors Bachelor of Education I/S level with a double major in Psychology and Indigenous Studies she will go on to apply to the Northern Ontario School of Medicine in Thunder Bay to take Psychiatry.  Cierra is immersed within her area of Lake of the Woods and can be found volunteering for the Canadian Mental Health Association, Kenora Association for Community Living, Relay for Life and many other organizations that support Kenora’s growth as a healthy community.  The ambassador for campaigns such as Ride Don’t Hide, Clara Hughes Big Ride and Bell Let’s Talk, Cierra is a woman who will be the change she wants to see in her community and her world.

Cierra believes fitness, nutrition along with community support and involvement are all foundations for a healthy mind. Her own journey to recovery was fueled through finding a love for fitness (especially yoga) and practicing self-care by nourishing her body and mind with self-love and proper nutrition.  Upon returning to her hometown Kenora, Cierra hopes to write prescriptions for fitness instead of pharmaceutical medications to her clients.

Cierra wants to share her passion for mental health and the essential role fitness, nutrition and community plays in the recovery process. Cierra works towards stomping out the stigma around mental illness and hopes you will join her as a Tokii Trendsetter.

Questions with Cierra

Why did you choose to become a Tokii Trendsetter?

I have always had a desire to help others, a passion to understand and heals those around me. This desire has lead me on the educational journey I am currently on and also lead me to find Tokii! Their wearable therapy line is a catalyst in today’s world through starting the conversation about mental health and illness. I wear my shirt “Choose Happiness” proudly.

Can you tell us one way you are working towards self-improvement in your own life?

Personal development is a pretty huge part of my life! Would it be reading different inspirational books, doing Tokii quizzes, mediation, visualization and vision board work, fitness or self-nourishment activities such as a warm bath or nice long kayak down the creek. I strive everyday to be just a little bit better from yesterday’s lessons.

If you could have any living person over for dinner, who would it be?

I would love to sit down with Jamie Tworkowski, the founder of To Write Love on Her Arms. The movement he has created to spread awareness of addiction, self-injury, depression and suicide has not only been a huge part of my life but has given hope to millions of people. I would love to pick his brain and hear all the stories of hope and fear.

What s your favorite product on Wearable Therapy?

The Choose Happiness shirt! I think there should be one in every product. Now some of you might be saying, it’s not that easy! You can’t choose to be happy. Happiness is something just like your muscles that needs to be practiced and used to make stronger. By choosing happiness you’re seeking help, you’re opening your mind, heart and soul to those around you, you are spreading awareness and refusing to allow someone’s expectations to define who you are. By choosing happiness you are changing your perception, your attitude, your beliefs. By choosing happiness, you’re saving and changing lives. By choosing happiness, we are one step closer to a stigma free world.

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