Canadian Mental Health Association - National Partnership


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As a nationwide, voluntary organization, the Canadian Mental Health Association promotes the mental health of all and supports the resilience and recovery of people experiencing mental illness. The CMHA accomplishes this mission through advocacy, education, research and service.

Branch Programs and Services

CMHA branches across Canada provide a wide range of innovative services and supports to people who are experiencing mental illness and their families. These services are tailored to the needs and resources of the communities where they are based. One of the core goals of these services is to help people with mental illness develop the personal tools to lead meaningful and productive lives.

Services are designed to help people:

  • improve their mental health 

  • integrate into the community 

  • become more resilient 

  • be supported in their recovery from mental illness. 

CMHA’s programs assist with employment, housing, early intervention for youth, peer support, recreation services for people with mental illness, stress reduction workshops and public education campaigns for the community.

In addition, CMHA acts as a social advocate to encourage public action and commitment to strengthening community mental health services and legislation and policies affecting services. All our mental health projects are based on principles of empowerment, peer and family support, participation in decision-making, citizenship, and inclusion in community life.

For more information on CMHA, check out their website here.

Our Partnership

The CMHA Wearable Therapy Collection is a partnership meant to boost awareness on the subject of mental health and raise money toward the CMHA More for the Mind!  Mental Health Transition and Innovation Fund.  Each of the designs and products created within this partnership were created from a place of happiness and hope, in an effort to spread more positivity throughout the world and help to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health that still exists today.  The proceeds from the sale of each product in the CMHA Collection will be split evenly between Wearable Therapy and CMHA.