Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii

Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii offers fun and easy to use quick pick quizzes on dozens of different topics, ranging from love to business to teen issues. It is a self-help app which aids users in finding practical solutions and motivation when making a change in their life or working through a difficult problem. The app is available in all iOS devices.


How do Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii work?

These quizzes are fun, simple, and can be quite addictive! Their “quick-pick” design simply asks you to choose the image or phrase that you believe most answers the quiz topic. Each choice gets you one step closer to a result that caters to your life and needs.

Technically speaking, Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii is a complex algorithm full of hundreds of thousands of response trees. All you need to know is that, as you use the app and explore key areas of interest, it adapts and evolves according to your unique responses and interaction.

We like to think that each quiz unlocks more and more of your deep subconscious, personality and psyche.  Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii is about making you aware of that pattern, a pattern that’s uniquely yours. And once you’re aware of these behaviors, you can start to take control of them!

What sort of quizzes does Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii offer?

Dating & Relationships

The Dating section is in three parts - what sort of relationship you want, how your personality affects your romantic life, and what you want in a partner.  In the Relationship section, quizzes help couples get to know each other, gets them talking about major issues, and even deal with divorce and sex. 

Everyone appreciates and experiences love in a different way.  To start off your love journey, check out this free quiz, What Is Your Love Zone?

Career Development Toolkit

Three bundles are devoted to helping users to identify traits, strengths, and values that could help them excel at their current career or find one that is better suited to their needs and life goals.  Three more bundles focus on discrimination and prejudice, in an effort to make more workplaces open, accepting, and safe environments for everyone who works there.






















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Health & Wellness

Currently, this bundle is mainly focused on quizzes dealing with weight loss. There are many different bundles covering topics from body image, to meal plans, to fitness. There is also a bundle to help users quit smoking.

When you're starting a weight loss plan, you first want to make sure you're in the right frame of mind to succeed. Find out if you're really ready to get started with our What Are Your Weight Loss Thoughts? quiz.


These quizzes are aimed at teen girls but cover many topics that could be relevant to boys as well. There are 3 bundles dealing with subjects ranging from questions they might have about sex, to their social life, to body image issues.

How you're viewed by others is an important issue to any teenager.  Find out what image you're projecting to the world in our How Do Others View You? quiz.

Style & Fashion

When looking to improve, most people feel that the biggest changes need to be made on their internal selves.  But, the truth is your style and fashion really can change your mood, your acceptance of yourself and how others perceive you.  This stream is all about finding clothes and a look that makes you feel most like yourself so that you can approach every day with increased confidence and comfort.



Currently, we are focusing on quizzes that can help members of the transgendered community to navigate coming out and attending high school or college. These quizzes have a heavy focus on pointing users towards additional support and resources available.


Good Times

These quizzes are a little more lighthearted but still can do a lot to help people better understand themselves and work towards more happiness in their life. Some bundles focus on finding the perfect drink to fit you’re mood when you’re looking to unwind, while others put the user in a criminal’s or detective’s shoes to see how they would respond to extreme situations.

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Personal Development

This “catch-all” stream focuses on many self-help topics that don’t fit under other streams. This is our biggest section, with bundles dealing with depression, grief, financial issues, stress, and discrimination, among other things.

Studies show that 9/10 people do show a prejudice towards some group.  Find out how you really feel in our Are You Color Blind? quiz.

Currently, there are more than 500 quizzes available on Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii. There are 100+ more that are being developed. Each stream has new bundles that will be added within the next 3 months.

How can Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii help users?

While Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii deals with many serious topics – ranging from depression, to coming out as transgendered, to discrimination – it is not meant as a diagnostic tool to replace professional counselors or the advice of medical professionals. But, we do believe that it can be effective as a self-help tool.

Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii is simply meant as a guide to aid people in understanding their own needs, strengths and values by breaking them down. Through this process, users are better able to find the motivation and inspiration that they need to make a change. Results also offer advice and additional resources that they might consider when moving forward. 

Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii is essentially a problem-solving tool. First, it breaks down a person’s problem – whether that be in relation to dating or their job – into a series of parts with a bundle of quizzes all centering around the same topic. Then, it makes suggestions and gives details regarding each part. Users have the opportunity to form their own solution from there.

When people are in need of a big change in their life, what they sometimes need the most is motivation and inspiration. Personality Profile Quizzes by Tokii can confirm that no matter what their struggle might be, they are not alone and there is a way to make that positive change.